Things are in a constant state of flux

Workflows determine the success of your business processes

...therefore, they are the starting point for our concepts.
In the matter of content
We tighten and optimize processes in terms of content and check them for logic, consistency and efficiency before we put them to practice.
In the matter of technology
We develop and implement web-based applications and systems without ignoring the existing IT infrastructure.
In the matter of design
We adapt your communication and corporate design to the web. In doing so,we set a high value on clarity and absolutely certain usage.

Contents, technology and design mesh smoothly for an optimal result.

These are our conceptual skills:

  • analysis of your websites, systems and networks
  • conversion of your management consultants` results into conclusive technical concepts
  • advice on communication
  • content management
  • technical concepts and concepts with regard to content and design
  • choice of IT components
  • advice on access, mobile Net and security
  • networking subjects
  • optimization of search engines
  • customizing
  • conception of frameworks and applications
  • technical project management
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