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Actually, what is an extranet?

The extranet is the part of your website which is not accessible to the anonymous public. For these parts, you give an authorized group of people access to in-house data. For example, in order to retrieve the latest documents of the day, to make orders or to track a status of a delivery. The user only needs a browser and a valid login.

Who needs an extranet?

Any company which want to use its website in order to improve internal processes and therefore, want to save time and reduce faults. By the way, the extranet not only makes possible the access by hand in order to accelerate communication. It also allows connection to your other systems, e.g. merchandise management systems for a fast and efficient use of data on a larger scale.

What can I achieve with the extranet?

  • The communication with target groups like partners and suppliers but also with Key Accounts becomes faster and more exclusive. With that, you increase the bond to your company.
  • The integration of data bases and other systems reduces sources of errors and automates expensive laborious task. That saves time and anger.
  • Your users cultivate master data, stocks and updates by themselves - and so, they take this work off your shoulders.

Is the extranet safe?

An extranet offers an individual access-protected work environment to which only authorized users have access. These temporary connections are safe. For a permanent connection to other systems, safety is guaranteed by VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).
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