That's the way we process your projects

1. Interview

Meet our heads and ideas without obligation and experience our special qualities.

The first date is free. But, from then on, we bring in our specialists. Of course, you will receive an offer for each of our services in advance.

2. Workshop

Have a discussion with us round the table about strategies, structures and systems of your company.

3. Analysis of demand

We define your needs and priorities from the company´s and employee´s point of view.

At this point, we have detected your needs and we can phrase them. Afterwards, we begin the next phase, the implementation.

4. Concept sketch

By making concrete suggestions and transparent recommendations for action, we make it easier for you to take the necessary decisions. In doing so, we not only take into consideration all the technical aspects but we also help you to optimize and automate your working and communication processes.

5. Planning

Duties record books and timetables as well as a transparent and binding offers belong to our concept.

6. Implementation

In special workshops, we work out with you the details for all areas and we establish individual processes and their implementation. After that, we create your applications, with regard to content, design and technology. For coordination, we work with milestones on project servers. We will inform you if something turns out differently than planned.

At this stage, your prototype is ready. By the way, your editors can start using it at any time because the technical basis of our system allows you to work parallel on design, contents and technology.

7. Test phase

Your systems have to stand up to our tests in the best possible way, from different points of view and in terms of technical and content related practicality and consistency.

8. Release

Your application goes online on one of our project servers and we compare the result to your expectations. Here is a lot of room for possible changes.

9. Going online

After you have finally released your application, it goes online under the official URL.

Naturally, your web project is not nearly finished because it lives on dynamic contents and on a modern practicability. Moreover, you should not pass up the technical possibilities to analyze your online offers.

10. Analysis

Depending on your needs, we make available to you basic to extensive tools for statistics and analysis. With instantly available modules, you log the accesses on your website or count the visitors who e.g. come to your website through banners.

11. Observation and further development

As coordinated with you, we observe the functioning and the acceptance of the systems, we question possible difficulties and we plan optimizations like changes, expansions or extensions.

Secure current technology and qualified practicality for yourself for the future.

12. Technical supervision

All applications we are running are regularly professionally checked, maintained and if necessary updated.

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