At »Home of the Brave« the plucky are at home

Background information on the name

Our name is a homage to Laurie Anderson, an experimental artist who, in 1986, published with her album »Home of the Brave« a costly multi-media work, which combines installation, performance and music in a virtuoso manner to an "interactive universe".

Web, web, web ...

»Home of the Brave« has devoted itself totally to the internet. The reason is that we are fascinated by the vision of a global network with liberal structures, technological openness and perspectives with a promising future. We want to pass on the idea of the internet and share in it.
That's why we develop high-level and always web-based software systems for your IT, your communication and your business processes.

Fall in love with us

»Home of the Brave« was founded by a designer and a mathematician. Therefore, technology and creativity work hand in hand with us. We guarantee high quality applications, precisely thought-out contents and workflows but also functional design and navigation. We have a high standard of quality, a lot of up-to-date know-how and over 13 years of experience with the internet. That is why we can keep up with the large IT providers. However, as a service provider we are small, mobile and flexible.

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