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Publik gives companies advice on strategic planning, concept, organization and carrying out of internal communication as well as external press relations work and public relations work.
Südpol. Die Agentur. for communication, marketing and design, Niedereschach.
unitzwo : ensingersiller gbr Content management, web design, usability, Mannheim.
Vicom Agency. Agency for marketing and communication, Hamburg.
Level(3) Communications runs one of the worldwide biggest internet backbones with a specially constructed fibre optics network of 36,000 km length.
Plus.line runs several large backbone knots in Germany and with that, it offers an enormous range and security because of numerous redundancies of the systems.
Versatel group runs a backbone throughout Germany. Their German network consists of several linked rings with a total length of nearly 14,000 kilometres.
»Home of the Brave« is member of the IBM Business Partner program.


»Home of the Brave« develops and distributes the Java/XML-based content management system Ant-On!® .
»Home of the Brave« is an authorized Jahia systems integrator, the open source content management and corporate portal server.
IronPort is the leading provider for email security solutions for small- and medium-sized firms up to global 2000 companies.
»Home of the Brave« is certified partner and authorized resellser of Radware , the international technology leader in the area of ITM - Internet Traffic Management.
»Home of the Brave« is certified by the KOBIL Trusted Certification Program, the leading provider in the field of Smart Card Terminals and IT-Security solutions.
»Home of the Brave« is consultant and authorized reseller for Caucho Technology Inc., the producer of the XML Application Server Resin.
»Home of the Brave« is official marketing partner of Saferpay , the professional internet payment solution for e-commerce systems.
»Home of the Brave« is official marketing partner of INSUMA , the intelligent search engines for intranet and internet.


»Home of the Brave« is member of the Regional Internet Registry RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre).
»Home of the Brave« is an IHK -certified apprenticing company according to German job training law.

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