21st century


  • The focus of activities is on complex web-based platforms for the use on the extranet. They provide for higher efficiency in data management and faster processes regarding internal and external communications.
  • Thanks to the support by UTF8-character sets and multilingual editorial possibilities, Ant-On! is used a lot internationally.
  • With Ant-On! PressRoom, a business solution for PR agencies is put on the CMS market.


  • Ant-On!® comes out as version 3.0. From now on, it supports UTF8-character sets and multilingual editorial possibilities, offers dynamic blocks and even more sophisticated methods for extensive support of search engine optimization (SEO). New modules are "Shop" and "Content Syndication".
  • With over 40 installations on the internet and intranet, Ant-On!® is asserting itself constantly.


  • »Home of the Brave« puts even stronger on services in the area of design, usability and accessibility.
  • The CMS Ant-On!® offers further possibilities regarding optimized supervision of website specific marketing activities.
  • »Home of the Brave« plans and designs the prototype for a new portal for Roche Diagnostics.


  • »Home of the Brave« reinforces its competence in the area of online recruitment.
  • The CMS Ant-On!® is adapted further important functions on the basis of internal and external modules.
  • The demand for complex extensions in the field of intranet and extranet increases significantly.


  • »Home of the Brave« intensifies its long-standing customer relations by increasing services in the area of "process optimization", "integration of applications" and "interface management".
  • The CMS Ant-On!® becomes stable on the market.
  • The project business is dominated by complex extranet practicality and mobile applications.
  • The demand for particularly safe applications by »Home of the Brave« increases significantly.


  • »Home of the Brave« focuses on its consultation powers in the field of "Internet Technology Based Solutions".
  • The CMS portfolio is expanded by the open source framework Jahia.
  • Among the ISP offers of »Home of the Brave«, "Security and Networks" form clearly the main emphasis.


  • »Home of the Brave« markets the content management system Ant-On!® .
  • The company deepens its focus on software and still relies consistently on the technological twin-pack of Java and XML.
  • »Home of the Brave« migrates a big online portal to IBM WebSphere-Technology.
  • Connections to both providers Plus.line and Versatel are put into operation.
  • Colocation Space is extended once again.


  • »Home of the Brave« extends its standing as portal constructor and replenishes it with consulting services.
  • It occurs an upgrade up to 100 MBit/s of the connection to Level(3) Communications.
  • A second 100 MBit/s connection to Cable and Wireless is put into operation at the Frankfurt location.
  • Extension of Colocation Space.


Because of a great demand, Anja and Wolfgang Roth define the division "network technology" as an independent corporate unit. Business activity concentrates on implementation, securing and operation of complex portal architectures.


The redundant connection system is put into operation with another connection to the Backbone Provider Cable and Wireless.

20th century


  • miknet is taken over by the American Backbone Provider Level(3) Communications.
  • »Home of the Brave« puts into practice an online panel for target group recognition in the automobile sector.
  • »Home of the Brave« launches an online community.
  • »Home of the Brave« launches its own e-commerce solutions.


Anja and Wolfgang Roth found »Home of the Brave«, Internet Technology Based Solutions GmbH.


  • »Home of the Brave« extends its portfolio by the corporate unit "Managed Internet Services". The Backbone Provider miknet (today Level (3) Communications) is the new partner.
  • As one of the first companies of the region, »Home of the Brave« offers places to train in the area of "digital media design".


Anja and Wolfgang Roth found the partnership »Home of the Brave« with the company aim: creative technical services around the internet.


Laurie Anderson publishes her creative album »Home of the Brave«.

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