»Home of the Brave« launches the International Mannheim-Heidelberg Film Festival web site using Resin Application Server

»Home of the Brave« selected Resin based on its price and performance features

Mannheim, La Jolla (California), 2004-11-22 - Caucho Technology, Inc. announced today that »Home of the Brave«, a Mannheim, Germany based Internet technology solutions group has deployed the web site of the International Mannheim-Heidelberg Film Festival using Resin Application Server and their Ant-On! content management software.
Caucho Technology produces Resin, a leading application server used by thousands of corporate, education and government clients. With numerous added features, increased speed and load balancing, Caucho's Resin application server is experiencing rapid growth worldwide. Caucho Technology is a Sun Microsystems J2EE licensee.
Wolfgang Roth, Co-Founder and Managing Director of »Home of the Brave« said, "Ant-On! Content Management is based on Java and XML and relies on the Resin Application server, which has proven itself to be a high performance and low-cost application incorporating the latest Java technologies, XML, XSLT and load balancing." Roth continued, "By underwriting the design using appropriate style sheets and by releasing a free license for Ant-On! Content Management, »Home of the Brave« has worked hard to promote the Mannheim-Heidelberg Film Festival."
Steve Montal, Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships for Caucho Technology said, "We are excited to collaborate with Home of the Brave to launch the Mannheim-Heidelberg Film Festival»s site on Resin application server." Montal added, "We are delighted that Home of the Brave selected Resin based on its price and performance features."
About Caucho Technology, Inc.
Caucho Technology produces Resin, a leading Java application server. With customers that have large and demanding sites including CNet, EBay's half.com, Evite, salesforce.com and the American Red Cross, Resin delivers fast and stable performance under heavy load situations.
Caucho Technology is a Sun Microsystems J2EE licensee and offers an open source version of Resin. Caucho Technology was founded in 1998 and is based in La Jolla, California.
Contact information:
Duane Trammell
Sales and Marketing Manager
Caucho Technology, Inc.
About »Home of the Brave«
Since 1996, »Home of the Brave« has been a full-service internet and intranet provider in Rhine-Neckar, Germany. Due to its internet specialization, »Home of the Brave« offers an extensive array of services, ranging from analysis and consulting, up through design, creation and coordination of content and relevant project technologies.
Contact information:
Anja Roth
Home of the Brave
Internet Technology Based Solutions GmbH

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